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    After Heather’s excellent First Aid evening, I took an action to report on First Aid apps for your mobile phone.

    And there are some really good ones.  They could save someone’s life.  I strongly recommend anyone with a smart phone download them.  If you’re not sure, pick one – St John’s or Red Cross, and try it.  These are for iPhone, but I’m pretty certain they’ll be available for Android as well, and they’re all free, I think:

    iPhone First Aid apps

    1. St John’s Ambulance First Aid   <– Recommended
    2. British Red Cross First Aid   <– Recommended, includes videos.
    3. St John’s Ambulance First Aid for cyclists. Good for cycling incidents.
    4. British Red Cross First Aid for babies.  Especially if you have children or grandchildren.
    5. Echo112 SOS to call emergency services in any country
    6. Save a Life:  AED locator map by South Central Ambulance Service
    7. European Health Insurance Card: how to use your EHIC and what it covers.
    8. CTC Crash Kit (not currently working but hopefully will get updated)
    9. Apple Health app – mainly for health tracking, but can store your medical details and emergency contacts, optionally on your lock screen.

    If you download several, you might like to create a folder on your home page called ICE/SOS  (‘ICase of Emergency’), like my example above.

    They’re not instead of training, but they’re a very useful refresher and very comprehensive.  Don’t wait until an emergency to find out how to use them!

    If anyone has any recommendations or comments, please add them below or let us know so we can update this page.

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